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    Round out your meal with salad and dessert.
    Salad and dessert can only be ordered in addition to a minimum Pizza Menu order.


    Choice of 1 Salad, comes with Choice of 2 Dressings:

    Salads can be made for a minimum of 30 servings to a maximum of 120 servings.

    ($4.50 per serving)

    Salad choices:


    Garden Salad:  Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions. 

    Tuscan Salad:  Romaine lettuce, spinach, cannellini beans, and red onions.


    Dressing choices (all made from scratch):

    GioVara's Italian Dressing

    GioVara's Creamy Parm Dressing

    Simple Vinaigrette Dressing

    Ranch Dressing

    Greek Dressing

    ​A minimum of 5 dessert pizzas (30 slices) can be ordered, with a maximum order of 20 pizzas (120 slices).

    (These are 10-inch pizzas cut into 6 slices each.)

    ($10 Each)

    A 10-inch pizza crust baked with a creamy layer of sweetened ricotta cheese topped with your choice of

    chocolate chips, candied fruit, or cinnamon sugar and rimmed with a butter flavored, sugar-sprinkled crust.





    Dessert:  Pizza di Ricotta